The company was established in 1978 having its headquarters in Thessaloniki.

   Its first line of business was the design and manufacturing of moulds for the production of plastic goods.

   Very soon, the company bought the first injection machines for manufacturing plastic products and traded under the name PROPLAST. Household and hair professional goods were the first articles produced and marketed in Greece.

   The products and the innovations increased throughout the years with many of them being already patented.

   1990 was the milestone year when the company was relocated in its new and modernized facilities at Sindos, the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki.

   In the same year, PROPLAST became the first Greek company to participate in exhibitions abroad during the AMBIENTE in Frankfurt, Germany. The new aim of the company was the outward orientation collaborating with companies from Germany, Sweden and France. This new orientation necessitated the machinery modernization.

   The next significant year was 2005. The company enters in the field of professional equipment, with a main focus on HO.RE.CA., with new products, many of them being patented such as:

- certified antimicrobial cutting boards

- non-slip trays

- modular and adjustable shelves

along with more products that can be seen in our website.

   At the same time, collaborations with firms abroad are developed leading in both the exportation and the importation of products.

   PROPLAST SA currently has injection machines ranging from 80 to 850 tons for the production process.

   The aim of the company is, having the quality as its main concern, the continuous presentation and introduction of innovative products that will make our lives easier.